Our Story

Jefferson West Inc. is a Los Angeles destination and online marketplace for wonderfully eclectic antique furnishings and accessories that range from the Refined to the Rustic. Shop Owners, Doris Feldman and Charles Whobrey have a lifetime of experience buying and selling antiques in Europe and America. Their work with interior designers, business owners, architects and set decorators helps them to curate an ever-evolving inventory to suit the needs of their clients. The entire Jefferson West team works to bring the best out of each antique and make your experience as effortless and timely as possible. 

"Jefferson West Custom Line draws upon the traditional to satisfy a modern aesthetic."

The Jefferson West Custom Line embodies the mixture of Doris Feldman and Charles Whobrey's combined skills and experience. Charles' understanding of antique construction and woodworking techniques compliment Doris' fine art and design background. Each Jefferson West Custom Line piece is an original interpretation of antique craftsmanship and inspired design.  

Jefferson West Custom Line pieces are made in-house in Los Angeles and may be customized to your requirements. As you review the JW Custom Line products, you will find interesting, bench crafted, quality pieces made to stand the test of time.

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Carrier & Company Interior featuring JW Custom Line Grid Tables